B.SuRe 2023 Winter School EC2U


WHEN: 27/28 February – 01/02/03 March 2023

WHERE: Pavia, Italy

FOR WHO: Msc Students (2 ECTS according to local university)

For each partner university, three students will receive a grant for travel and accommodation according to the project rates. In the registration form, a short CV must be uploaded to be able to ensure the proper distribution of the scholarships.


For more information: b.sure.unipv@gmail.com

The main aim of the School is to trigger processes of exchange and experimentation between students of different disciplines, focused on the field of building and urban sustainability, with reference to the intervention on historic cities and building heritage.

Sustainable management of built heritage is a priority that cannot be postponed on a global scale. Existing and foreseen policy plans and targets of UE in the Sustainable development area will imply the need of a huge amount of experts with green competencies and skills.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) 11 “sustainable cities and communities” is assumed here as one of the reference topics for the development of appropriate national and supranational policies. The European Campus of City-Universities (EC2U) is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual Alliance consisting of seven long-standing, education and research, locally and globally engaged universities from four diverse regions of the European Union.

The school is strongly multidisciplinary and focuses on a strategic topic at international, national, and local level. The school intends to include in its activities a representative of students and teachers from each EC2U partner as opportunity for cooperation between the universities involved in the programme. It will also represent a community of teachers and students belonging to the different universities, who share common cultural, scientific and educational interests.

The activities are planned as following:

JOINT LECTURES – KEY TOPICS For each of them will be interventions by a partner universities, followed by moments of collegial discussion by members of the school’s faculty and participants. T.1. Urban sustainability Urban sustainable development strategies and tools. T.2. Sustainable reuse Sustainable reuse and restoration. a resilience-based approach; Sustainable reuse of cultural heritage. models and strategies. T.3. Energy Retrofitting of cultural heritage Energy efficiency and retrofitting on historical buildings; The energy-oriented management of public historic buildings: an integrated approach and methodology applications. T.4. Innovative technologies for heritage representation and valorisation Digital documentation for heritage conservation and valorisation; Historical architecture between aesthetic and techniques.

UNIVERSITY AND MUNICIPALITIES CASE-STUDIES The discussion of case studies concerning functional reconversion projects, restoration, reuse in place or programmed to UNIPV and other partner universities will be organized in order to stimulate trans-European comparison on similar issues.

FOCUS GROUP AMONG PARTICIPANT STUDENTS The students of the school will be involved in focus groups aimed to work together on case study.

FINAL CONFERENCE AND ROUNDTABLE A final conference will be organized, open to a wider audience including local professional associations, with the participation of lectures on invitation and a round table with local administrators, school faculty members and local community representatives.

See the summary volume of the first edition of the Winter School: