Objective of the PLAY – Photography and 3D Laser for virtual Architecture  LaboratorY  is the development of innovative solutions for the production of images and the construction of virtual architectures and environments. Research is supported by teaching in the development of seminars and activities aimed at training students and professionals in the field of technologies for the creation and processing of multimedia information in the production of 3D models and in the development of interactive systems for the representation of ‘architecture.

The objective of the laboratory is the development of techniques and methodologies for the creation of 3D interactive environments, shooting techniques for photography and SfM photogrammetry, with particular attention to hardware and software tools and devices and man-machine interaction techniques.

The PLAY Laboratory offers students and all DICAr staff a comprehensive system of services for the representation of architecture and graphics.

The Laboratory also offers a pose room and darkroom service with excellent photographic equipment which is otherwise not easily available. All shooting and management of the photo room, as well as the darkroom management operations are supported by specialized personnel in the field of photographic shooting for architecture. Digital cameras are available, from small to large format, with specific characteristics suitable for architectural shooting, models and models and design objects and prototypes.

The laboratory staff takes care of the use of the pose room and darkroom, supports the students in order to make them independent in the procedures and operations, but at the same time is available for shooting activities outdoors or in the studio for particular needs of Theses, researches, seminars, workshops. The staff takes care of and organizes specific courses dedicated to architectural photography, open to students and staff of the UNIPV and also to outsiders.